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Policies Policies & FAQ FAQ Studio Time •	Your session begins at scheduled time •	Remaining session hours must be used in 30 days  •	Same day cancellation or No show will require a deposit for future sessions     Mixing, Mastering & Radio edit •	You have 1 free revision •	Additional revisions are subject to a fee •	You have 3 days from delivery date to request any revisions •	Is there a minimum? 	Yes, we have a 2 hour minimum. •	Does $25 per hour include mixing ans mastering	No. •	Can we smoke in the studio?	No, we are a smoke free building (Vapes & pens are ok) •	Is it ok to bring some one with me to my session?	Yes. •	Where are you located?	We are located in Paradise Palms Plaza 1616 E Main st. suite 222 Mesa, AZ •	Can I book a same day sessions?	Yes, but same day sessions are unlikely due to availability. •	How long does it take to mix and master?	Our Mixing & Mastering turn arouns time id 24 - 72 hours •	do you take walk in sessions?	Unfortunately no, we are are appointment based only. •	do you have auto tune?	Yes we are a full service recording studio. •	Do you make beats too?	Yes, click here for our beat site.